Rivals of Waterdeep
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    Previously on Season 3

    Wooooooosh! Prepare for the season 3 finale with this compilation of all of the episode recaps from Season 3 (episodes 21-29)

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    1.29 | Planning

    Vajra is perplexed by a puzzle that only the party can solve.

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    1.28 | Hideout

    The party attempts to sneak an important artifact into the hands of one of the most dangerous guilds in Waterdeep.

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    1.27 | Training

    The party trains at Blackstaff tower, uncovers the truth about a party member, and attempts to outwit a dangerous foe

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    1.26 | Catacombs

    The party struggles with its grip on reality, causing someone to leave. Shaka's story begins to unravel while a guard has the worst day ever.

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    1.25 | Mirrors

    The party sees more strange colors and falls asleep. Horrors await.

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    1.24 | North

    The party emerges in an unfamiliar area of Waterdeep and searches for the second vault key.

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    1.23 | Reader

    The party is trapped in a library and must fight their way out.

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    1.22 | Keys

    The newly reunited party begins the search for the first vault key at the Hanged Man Tavern, where they encounter a series of puzzles.

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    1.21 | After

    Rinn is transported to a familiar place, while the rest of the crew attempts to unravel the secrets of the Stone of Golorr.

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