Rivals of Waterdeep
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A D&D actual play stream from the official DND twitch channel ... turned into a PODCAST!

Watch live every Sunday @ Noon CST. www.twitch.tv/dnd

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    1.60 | Fart

    The truth about the snails are revealed and an old ally helps in the final battle.

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    Our Experiences with D&D

    Latia, Brandon, Cicero, and Shareef chat about their experiences with D&D. Stay safe out there y'all!

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    1.58 | Afterparty

    The party deals with the aftermath of the Cassalanters' games , meets a family member, and reunites with some old friends .. or foes?

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    1.57 | Games (Live From C2E2)

    The Rivals perform live at C2E2 in Chicago! Joined by past cast member Surena Marie and new cast member Latia Bryant, the party plays games with the Cassalanters before discovering a horrifying ritual.

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    1.56 | Darkness

    Darkness is spreading! The party enters the dark office and fights an enormous animal in a strange place.

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    1.55 | To The Wall

    The party seemingly deals with Thavius, makes some drinks, and crushes on a new Manor guest.

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    1.54 | From The Windows

    We say goodbye to Carlos (Dirty D, Noc Noc) and Surena (Duo, Ashbourne) with dragons and snails.

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    1.53 | Snail's Pace

    The party tries its best to deal with Thavius Kreeg and the ruckus at Trollskull Manor. Corrin leads the party to a supposedly safe place.

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    1.52 | Whose House?

    The party finishes their business in the City of the Dead and comes home to a surprise.

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