Rivals of Waterdeep
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A D&D actual play stream from the official DND twitch channel ... turned into a PODCAST!

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    1.36 | A Blast From The Past

    The party is reunited and gain some magical amphibians. They continue the search for relics .. but "when" are they?

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    1.35 | The Tavern

    Rinn and Robbie set out to seek a cure, while the rest of the party tries to clean up the tavern of Trollskull Manor. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

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    1.34 | Answer The Call

    A mysterious box causes a party member to be at odds, leading to a monster fight in the garden.

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    1.33 | Woman in the Mirror

    The party deals with some dolls / action figures, Rinn shares some family info, Shaka undergoes a transformation, and the woman in the mirror is unveiled.

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    1.32 | Home Sweet Haunt

    The party investigates a creepy library and finds a surprise inside of a hidden room.

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    1.31 | The Trollskull Manor

    The party returns from Avernus and finds a new home in Waterdeep with some old friends.

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    Previously on Season 3

    Wooooooosh! Prepare for the season 3 finale with this compilation of all of the episode recaps from Season 3 (episodes 21-29)

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    1.29 | Planning

    Vajra is perplexed by a puzzle that only the party can solve.

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