Rivals of Waterdeep
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A D&D actual play stream from the official DND twitch channel ... turned into a PODCAST!

Watch live every Sunday @ Noon CST. www.twitch.tv/dnd

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    1.50 | Jah Rulez

    The party endures one final battle in their search for the portal out of Avernus

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    1.49 | Why Is That?

    Three party members must deal with the powerful desires of Haruman's Hill

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    1.48 | World Peace

    The party scales Haruman's Hill and finds a nice cottage where absolutely nothing terrifying happens.

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    1.47 | Gimme, Dat, (Woy!)

    The party continues its merry, completely safe, boring drive to Haruman's Hill.

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    1.46 | Bo! Bo! Bo!

    The party pays tribute to a fallen soldier and engages in vehicular combat

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    1.45 | Who Protects Us From You?

    The party deals with the aftermath of a major loss, and they meet a merchant who may be able to help them get home.

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    1.43 | Breath Control

    The party checks out their new vehicles and head to the Wandering Emporium for a shopping trip.

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    1.42 | You Must Learn

    Rinn and Selise scavenge with Mad Maggie, while the rest of the crew welcomes back an old friend and discovers more about Fort Knucklebone.

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