Rivals of Waterdeep
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A D&D actual play stream from the official DND twitch channel ... turned into a PODCAST!

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    Rivals on Bikes E00

    Masood leads us through session zero of Kids on Bikes, where we build our characters and the world together.

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    1.70 | Back In Business

    The party use their brains to help deal with the situation of Sephek in Bremen.

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    1.68 | Business As Usual

    The party accepts a new mission and braves the freezing cold in search of their target.

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    1.67 | Unfinished Business

    After a major antagonist meets an untimely end, the party gets acquainted with their new icy surroundings.

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    1.66 | Strictly Business

    The party decides whether to trust the remnants of the Black Network.

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    1.65 | Into the Dark

    The Rivals help friends old and new plan a strategy of attack and defend themselves against a huge monster.

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    1.64 | Frenemies

    The party leaves the looped manor, senses a pattern about the clocks, and meets an old “friend”.

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    1.63 | Again

    Another Talent Show? What is going on at Trollskull Manor?

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    1.62 | Talent Show

    The Rivals perform, and a mystery guest overstays his welcome.

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