Rivals of Waterdeep
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A D&D actual play stream from the official DND twitch channel ... turned into a PODCAST!

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    Our Experiences with D&D

    Latia, Brandon, Cicero, and Shareef chat about their experiences with D&D. Stay safe out there y'all!

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    1.58 | Afterparty

    The party deals with the aftermath of the Cassalanters' games , meets a family member, and reunites with some old friends .. or foes?

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    1.57 | Games (Live From C2E2)

    The Rivals perform live at C2E2 in Chicago! Joined by past cast member Surena Marie and new cast member Latia Bryant, the party plays games with the Cassalanters before discovering a horrifying ritual.

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    1.56 | Darkness

    Darkness is spreading! The party enters the dark office and fights an enormous animal in a strange place.

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    1.55 | To The Wall

    The party seemingly deals with Thavius, makes some drinks, and crushes on a new Manor guest.

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    1.54 | From The Windows

    We say goodbye to Carlos (Dirty D, Noc Noc) and Surena (Duo, Ashbourne) with dragons and snails.

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    1.53 | Snail's Pace

    The party tries its best to deal with Thavius Kreeg and the ruckus at Trollskull Manor. Corrin leads the party to a supposedly safe place.

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    1.52 | Whose House?

    The party finishes their business in the City of the Dead and comes home to a surprise.

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    1.50 | Jah Rulez

    The party endures one final battle in their search for the portal out of Avernus

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    1.49 | Why Is That?

    Three party members must deal with the powerful desires of Haruman's Hill

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    1.48 | World Peace

    The party scales Haruman's Hill and finds a nice cottage where absolutely nothing terrifying happens.

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    1.47 | Gimme, Dat, (Woy!)

    The party continues its merry, completely safe, boring drive to Haruman's Hill.

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    1.46 | Bo! Bo! Bo!

    The party pays tribute to a fallen soldier and engages in vehicular combat

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    1.45 | Who Protects Us From You?

    The party deals with the aftermath of a major loss, and they meet a merchant who may be able to help them get home.

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    1.43 | Breath Control

    The party checks out their new vehicles and head to the Wandering Emporium for a shopping trip.

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    1.42 | You Must Learn

    Rinn and Selise scavenge with Mad Maggie, while the rest of the crew welcomes back an old friend and discovers more about Fort Knucklebone.

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    Rivals S4 recap & S5 preview

    It's a DM party! Shareef (Shaka), Surena (Ashbourne), and Cicero (Perrin) get together to discuss their feelings about season 4 and give a little preview of season 5, which premieres on Sunday September 22nd!

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    1.40 | Golden & Green

    The big bad is revealed and the party fights to save a captive family.

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    1.39 | Futureproof

    Portals, lots of portals. Lief, lots of Lief. A tree, lots of tree. A tea party, lots of tea.

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    1.38 | The Guardian

    The party encounters the Guardian of Troll Skull Manor ... but when are they?

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    1.37 | Fated

    Selise reunites with the party at the proper time, the frogs reveal their true nature, and Kablooey lives up to his name.

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    1.36 | A Blast From The Past

    The party is reunited and gain some magical amphibians. They continue the search for relics .. but "when" are they?

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    1.35 | The Tavern

    Rinn and Robbie set out to seek a cure, while the rest of the party tries to clean up the tavern of Trollskull Manor. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

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    1.34 | Answer The Call

    A mysterious box causes a party member to be at odds, leading to a monster fight in the garden.

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    1.33 | Woman in the Mirror

    The party deals with some dolls / action figures, Rinn shares some family info, Shaka undergoes a transformation, and the woman in the mirror is unveiled.

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    1.32 | Home Sweet Haunt

    The party investigates a creepy library and finds a surprise inside of a hidden room.

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    1.31 | The Trollskull Manor

    The party returns from Avernus and finds a new home in Waterdeep with some old friends.

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    Previously on Season 3

    Wooooooosh! Prepare for the season 3 finale with this compilation of all of the episode recaps from Season 3 (episodes 21-29)

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    1.29 | Planning

    Vajra is perplexed by a puzzle that only the party can solve.

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    1.28 | Hideout

    The party attempts to sneak an important artifact into the hands of one of the most dangerous guilds in Waterdeep.

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    1.27 | Training

    The party trains at Blackstaff tower, uncovers the truth about a party member, and attempts to outwit a dangerous foe

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    1.26 | Catacombs

    The party struggles with its grip on reality, causing someone to leave. Shaka's story begins to unravel while a guard has the worst day ever.

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    1.25 | Mirrors

    The party sees more strange colors and falls asleep. Horrors await.

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    1.24 | North

    The party emerges in an unfamiliar area of Waterdeep and searches for the second vault key.

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    1.23 | Reader

    The party is trapped in a library and must fight their way out.

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    1.22 | Keys

    The newly reunited party begins the search for the first vault key at the Hanged Man Tavern, where they encounter a series of puzzles.

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    1.21 | After

    Rinn is transported to a familiar place, while the rest of the crew attempts to unravel the secrets of the Stone of Golorr.

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    1.20 | Season Finale

    We find out the truth about Melanie, the Grells, and the man that owns the Apothecary

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    1.19 | Kaleidoscope

    The party finds out the truth of what happened to Selises wife and start to make their way out of the sewers

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    1.18 | Malevolent

    Selise wakes up in a familiar bed, while Shaka, Perrin and Rinn explore a dark hallway. Ashbourn and Volo can't stop dying!

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    1.17 | Dreams

    Shaka and Rinn find themselves in a strange tavern in Perrins mind. The two end up meeting his "biggest" fan and learn a dark secret about "Perrin".

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    1.16 | Portraits

    In a flashback we see what Rinn was up to while the party ventured into the sewers. The group finds themselves in a strange room with 5 doors and 2 portraits that resembled people they know. Appearing out of no where, 2 hags attack the party. Volo is reunited with an old friend.

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    1.15 | The Falling Leaf

    The Party defeats the last grell and journeys into the sewers. During a short rest, Nim explains his history with family and his need to find purpose. The party stumbles upon a secret lair with four men buried to their necks in sand. Volos origin is revealed.

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    1.14 | Purpose

    The party exits a burning building to hunt down the remaining Grells in their nest. Shaka solves a riddle and reveals a hidden message/map on the business card he found. The access point to the map is in the cellar of a basement. Nim tags along for the adventure while Volo and Ash exchange some harsh words with each other. The cast sings Aggressive Healing song.

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    1.13 | The Rat in the Alley

    Summary: Rinn talks to his new Nimblewright acquaintance, while Ashbourne takes a look around the cellar. Outside Perrin and Selise hear someone calling for help and go investigate. While checking out a small apartment, Selise and Perrin are ambushed by a Grell. Meanwhile Ashbourne realizes she has stumbled upon an entire Grell nest in the cellar and immediately leaves. The party meets with Perrin and Selise as they fight the Grell, burn down an apartment and run into a very famous writer.

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    1.12 | The Machine

    The party makes it to Three Daggers Alley to investigate the disappearance of locals. They run into their old friend Melanie who reveals what she has been up to. The crew tries to learn more about the apothecary, but are distracted by entertaining children with a song / dance about an octo-bird. Rinn discovers a ticking trunk in an abandoned building while Shaka and Selise explore a prestine tailor shop.

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    1.11 | 3 Months Later

    The party heads to Three Daggers Alley while having flashbacks of how they've spent the past 3 months training. Perrin makes friends with merchant owners while Ashbourne races Selise on the rooftops. Shaka gets several positions as help staff to blend in, while Rinn stays in shadows to pickpocket. Selsie decides to show her softer side... Err trys to at least

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    1.10 | Memories

    The party makes it's way to the safe house but there is a surprise in store. Character history's are shared.

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    1.09 | A Race Against Time

    It's a race against time as the party tries to make it to the safe house in time to get the mindworms removed

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    1.08 | Rope

    The party tries to escape the waterdeep soldiers by scaling down the side.

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    1.06 | Don't Trust Kids

    The group is confronted by a Bugbear and Kobolds in an alley and prepare for the event and the amphitheater .

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    1.05 | Talent is the Ticket

    Everyone splits up in hopes of gathering more information. Perrin enters a talent contest hoping to win entry into an exclusive event.

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    1.04 | Stream of Many Eyes

    LIVE AUDIENCE SHOW | The party sits down with Mirt the Moneylender in hopes of acquiring funds to solve a coded puzzle.

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    1.03 | Into the City

    The Selsie's book goes off and the party meets a very... strange child. They are stopped outside the gates of Waterdeep by the Open Lord and Shaka's Patron is revealed to him.... as a goldfish?

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